CTC-SERVICE SYSTEM stands for Custom Tailored Car Service System


We are pleased to introduce you to AUTOHAUS STEBELíS CTC System, a personalized Customer Service System. This website is custom tailored to your carís maintenance. When you enter our CTC System, password protected website, at you will be able to access your vehicle information 24 hours a day. Youíll be able to check when the car is due for the next service and recommended repairs from the last visit. Upon your second visit to the website, the System will know your average miles per month and you will receive E-Mail Reminders when you come close to your next scheduled maintenance service.

Also, when your car is at AUTOHAUS STEBEL for repairs or service, you can check the estimated time of completion.

By entering into our CTC System, you are eligible for a 5% Discount on all Maintenance Work,  if these maintenance services are performed within the recommended intervals.

If you would like to sign up for our CTC-Service System please E-Mail us at




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